Friday, September 9, 2011

What's in my bag?

Apparently this is a tag, so if you want to, feel free to do this as well!

I am obsessed with this bag, if you saw the previous bag I showed, I loved it and it's kind of the same style, you know, a satchel bag, but it wasn't real leather and was pretty good quality, but this one is awesome! It's real leather and it's a bit bigger so it fits my kindle and stuff if I want to bring it. I also like that this brand isn't that well known for their bags, so not everyone in the world will have one of these.
The bag is from Wittner Shoes.

The bag's length, sorry that I was in my pajamas. 

Products in the front product.
Everything in the front pocket is for easy access.  So I have some Kleenex tissues, Kleenex flushable fresh wipes, Botanical Creations Pink Grapefruit 'waterless hand cleanser' and Priceline emergency lips wipes which I actually use for removing tons of makeup swatches from my hand when I go beauty shopping.

What's in the front mini pockets in the main compartment. 
 My iPhone 4, earplugs, Soft lips lip balm in Vanilla which I take with me everywhere, Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm in Smoothing Cherry which I always keep in this bag and some Hollywood Make-out mints, and no I don't have these because I make out with everyone lol.

What's in the main compartment
 My Amazon kindle (optional), Sony camera in a Kikki K case (optional), makeup bag from Clinique, house keys with Disneyland California key chain (in the zip pocket at the back) emergency period bag from Clinique, Purse from Fossil.

What's in my makeup bag
Hollywood Stain Remover, Vera Wang Princess Rollerball Perfume Oil, Sugar Baby Fragrance de Luxe in Pink Grapefruit roller ball (I always keep perfume because this is one of the things that I always forget or don't have time to apply it), Body Shop Tea Tree Blotting Tissues, Hair ties and bobby pins, Models Prefer hair brush and mirror compact, Flourish Glossy Lip Tint in Azalea w/ Clinique Moisturising Gloss Balm in Raspberry and MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner in Petting Pink (again, I always forget or don't have time to apply lip products but I always like having some colour)

That's it, I hope you enjoyed that and you know, ummm, have a nice day! (:


  1. i love your bagg, its sooo pretty;)

  2. Woah, that's packed bag full of things! Hhaha. Looks like you have everything for every occasion! Nice! I really love your bag :P

    Missing Amsie Blog

  3. Cute bag! I carry around those kleenex tissues too :)

    Reply : I totally understand what you are talking about- It took me literally years to have the guts to put them on. After making a ton of mistakes, I learned that lash glue is the most important. I use DUO and it removes easily with makeup wipes :). Once you get used to it, they are kind of addictive hehe. Anyway, hope this helps!

  4. I really like 'whats in my bag' posts~ You seem to have nearly all the essentials! The Clinique makeup bag is so cute!

  5. Your bag is so neat, I wish mine was like that! I even got a purse organized but in the end, my things end up being all randomly thrown inside my purse – shame on me…


  6. this is so fun! I love your purse contents ;) and that bag is way too cute!


  7. hi! i just stumbled upon your blog. cute bag!