Monday, January 31, 2011

January faves & most used: EYES

Now for eyes; I have quite a lot of eye products because some I used when I was practising and stuff and just trying out, so some I liked but I don't always use because I don't really use that type of product that much, but more about each thing when I get up to it.

Too Faced Natural Eye
I love this eye shadow palette TONS, I used it recently in a neutral eye tutorial.
I feel like it's packaging is a little thicker than it should be, but other than that I love this.
Obviously this isn't as versatile as the Urban Decay Naked palette but I don't have that and you can't buy it in Melbourne.
My favourite shades are silk teddy, push up and heaven, which were the three in the tutorial. I also like honey pot, which is a classic silky gold and sexpresso, which is quite similar to MAC's satin taupe.

January faves & most used: FACE

So I'm making my January favourites also most used because I don't have a HUGE amount of makeup, so some of the stuff I just use because I don't have any others or I am awaiting them in the mail. (:
Also I will be separating posts into different parts, and the first part is face. Next will be eyes, lips & brushes and tools. I won't do perfumes, nail polishes and skin products because I'm going to do a top 5 nail polishes, perfumes and skin regime.
All the pictures are my own except for the first one because I didn't have time to take a picture and then put it on my computer, yeah. Because I actually wanted to put the first part up before the end of January. And let's just get into the gist:

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in Medium Dark
This is the picture that isn't mine.
I love this SOOOOOO much! I use it as a setting powder over my liquid foundation, and I just love it.
Funny story, before I went to MAC, I decided to do some makeup research and try and find the shade closest to mine, so I was on the website and I thought I had found the right shade. But when I got in the store, it was dark enough to be a bronzer. Hahaha, how stupid of

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Saturday, January 22, 2011

More posts coming

More posts are coming tomorrow, I am currently in the process of typing a post, although it's a little late now and I have to wake up tomorrow earlier than my usual holiday time, so, a haul will be up hopefully tomorrow. Sorry to my two subscribers. (:

City haul yesterday & today

First of all, some of you may not know what a haul is, and honestly when I first started watching YouTube gurus, I had to urban dictionary it too. So it's basically about stuff that person has bought.

So today a couple of my friend's and I went to the city to see Kimmi & Dave Days from YouTube, they're pretty cool. More info on my other blog here. And I just grabbed a couple stuff that I had thought of guessing, and now I shall type to you about that. Haha, look, see what I did ;) Okay, no. Anyway, let's just get into it.

Mecca Maxima Bag
Now I didn't actually buy this bag, but I purchased something from Mecca Maxima and I wanted to show you guys the bag, because I really liked it and it shall be going in my permanent bag collection. (If you would like a look at my permanent bag collection, just request in the comments.)

Thursday, January 20, 2011


On the agenda today is Flourish Bath & Body which is a handmade bath & body online store on etsy. I first found out about this through an awesome Australian YouTube makeup guru called amysass7, she is one of my favourite gurus. Flourish makes amazing products! All the feedback has been positive. The online store is here. The store is in America, so if you are purchasing from Australia, then there is a wait, but it is SOOOOOO worth it!

Some of the products that I have purchased are no longer on there but if you email Brooke (the owner) she should be able to make more, because when I purchased my stuff, there were only 1 of each product.

All the stuff I had purchased:

Glossy Lip Tint in Azalea.
This product is just amazing, it's borderline between lipstick and lipgloss, so it's not that glossy but has a tint of shine and colour. Azalea is only a little bit more red than my usual lip colour and I just love this so much! If you're every unsure about what to do about your lips, then just grab this! (:

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Birthday Dinner OOTN Inspired by Emmy Rossum

Okay first off, if you don't know what OOTN means, it is Outfit Of The Night and obviously for future reference, OOTD is Outfit Of The Day. Just saying. Let's get straight into it.

Emmy Rossum is an actress and she played the main teenage girl in The Day After Tomorrow alongside Jake Gyllenhaal and will be starring in an upcoming TV show called Shameless. I found this outfit in the latest Girlfriend magazing and although the trend is micro florals, I wanted to add my own twist to the outfit. Since some of you know that I wear floral clothes quite a lot, I wanted to change the dress to a kind of nebulla/solar system patterned dress.

The look: