Monday, April 2, 2012

Day 01 — Your favorite eyeliner

Tony Moly Gel Liner in Brown
Gel liner has always been my favourite type of liner and I've always loved using brown because it looks the most natural. I actually received this eyeliner from prettypinklipss on blogspot, AKA Amy as well haha. I love this liner so much, it goes on very creamy but also lasts a long time! Also I'm sorry but I don't know where to buy this as it is a Korean brand. After I finish this, I will definitely be trying the Bobbi Brown gel liner which I've heard so much good stuff about. 


  1. I've actually never used gel liner before, alike I really want to try the bobbi brown one just cos i heard so many good things abut it before xx

  2. ive never used gel eyeliner before, ive always stuck to liquid as for me i find it is the easiest to use, but i really want to try the bobbi brown one too, i am looking forward to seeing your posts on this challenge :) xx