Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mini Priceline Haul

If you don't live in Australia, Priceline is a pharmacy or 'drugstore' if you are American, although I use that term a lot, because we don't have a really good term for those type of cheaper brands. 

Products from left to right:
Revlon Cream shadows in Not Just Nudes, Revlon Colour burst lipstick in Petal, Revlon Colour burst lipgloss in Peony, Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Eyeshadow for brown eyes, Physicians Formula Shimmer strips gel liner for brown eyes, Artiste Manicare Professional pointed eyeliner brush


  1. Great haul! :) I've wanted to try those Physicians Formula shadows for ages!

  2. That lipstick is really pretty, and so does the eyeliners. I live in england so i cant buy Physicians Formula but i am trying to order them online. Thankyou for the comments on my blog it means alot to know that someone is reading it. I think your blog is amazing, and i think you are really kind and genuine person as you are writing such nice comments on my blog.
    Thankyou ;D oxoxoxoxoxo

  3. awesome haul! :) I really hope physicians formula will be available here in the Philippines soon. :)

    thanks for following me. :)

    i followed back. :)

  4. like the colours :)
    the ring is from a flea market and the pics were taken by a friend of mine :)

    xx, tany and nati <33

  5. Love the makeup you've hauled :) I really like those Revlon cream shadows! They have such a nice sheen when you wear them :)

    As for NYX products in general, I really do like their lipsticks (black label lipsticks specifically) and their eyeshadow palettes (the 10 pan palette). Their blushes are pretty awesome as well, but the lasting powder is not too long. Overall, their lipsticks are fantastic :)

  6. Hiya :) I love your blog! It's really interesting to see the brands which are available on the other side of the world (I live in the UK) - every brand is international now as we both like the same products! I'm a new beauty blogger - if you get a spare second please do check out my blog! It'e for teenagers and it's called SunshineSkin :) Hope you like it - feel free to follow! Love, L xx :)