Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 07 — Your Favorite animal

My favourite animals are giraffes! I have quite a strange obsession with them, I don't know why. Maybe it's their fur pattern or the fact that they're so tall and don't compare to many other animals but I don't know. I've always loved them ever since I was little. I've had little giraffe statues in my room when I was younger and I've had a few giraffe teddies that I've loved dearly. My favourite is one that my best friend got me for my 16th birthday and I absolutely adore it, it's probably one of my favourite gifts that I've ever received.

Me and my giraffe pillow pet!
Although I do have a dilemma, I still don't have a name for this pillow pet. All my other teddies on my bed have names and I have worked out that this giraffe is going to be a girl, so any name suggestions?


  1. Hey Amy...i know its a lot to ask..but do you think that maybe you could give my blog a shout out and i could give yours one??? It would mean a lot to me xo

  2. so cute >.<
    find your blog very nice and sweet!
    i love your hair and you are very beautiful <3