Friday, August 24, 2012

Countdown to Formal Series Cancelled

Hi everyone,

I'm here to regretfully announce that the Countdown to Formal Series will be cancelled but the videos will not be. The series made the videos have to be finished on a short timeline which I struggled greatly to do and now I am running out of time as my semi-formal is next week. I have absolutely no time to make all the videos let alone do my homework as I have had 6 performances since last thursday and a couple weekend or full day rehearsals in between and now must catch up on a ton of homework!

Again, as I have said before, this blog, whilst it is a super fun hobby, sadly, it is quite low on my priorities list now and it has reached the crucial time for me that I must sacrifice blogging frequently.

I will definitely try to film a fun getting ready video with my friends before my semi-formal but I can't guarantee when that will be uploaded because I don't have much time to edit.

I also did have many videos planned that related to the formal but they are fine on their own as tutorials etc, so those videos will be eventually put up, but the time frame for that is very wide, some of the videos planned may even be finished by next year.

But I can promise you guys that I always have ideas for the blog in mind and I have been doing a lot of planning to try and ensure that I save time when filming etc.

I hope that didn't make anyone too outraged, the main negatives of this announcement are that the series is cancelled and I will not be posting too regularly, but the videos are not cancelled, and will eventually be finished for you guys.

Thank-you for listening and again I am deeply sorry.


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