Saturday, August 4, 2012

Fashion Haul

 Black skirt from Country Road
I'm going to be using this skirt from a big school production because I'm in the band and we have to wear all black but I'm definitely going to wear this skirt other times as well as I think that this skirt is so cute too!

Blue Scarf from Country Road
I don't usually wear scarfs that much but this one is just sooooo pretty! I absolutely love the colour and it's also linen so it's so nice to wear!

Black Always Skinny Jeans from Gap
I got these jeans also to wear in the band (we have A LOT of performances because there are three different campuses and each campus has two performances and then there are dress rehearsals as well. I also don't own a pair of black jeans so this will also be handy.  

These heels are my LOOOOOVVVVEEE!
They are Michael Michael Kors and I bought them for my semi-formal but I wanted a pair that I could keep wearing after the semi-formal. I swear these shoes are soooo comfortable in my opinion (my mum can barely stand in them but I think it's way more comfortable than other heels). They also have grips on the bottom so that it's not slippery (unlike other heels that I have which makes them so hard to walk in).

And lastly I got these cute slippers from Gap that were on sale and are so comfortable!

Hope you guys liked that. Do you to know about my workout in a post or video?


  1. aww lovely items!! :)

    Now following you!

    Please check out my blog if you can, thank you :)


  2. OMGGGG Those heeeeeeeeeeeels!!! Those slippers are super cute and look comfy too ahah

  3. waaah those heels look amazing! and the slippers look so soft! must feel like walking on clouds haha. great haul!

  4. I love the heels and skirt.