Saturday, December 22, 2012

Big News and Kind of Goodbye?

Hi everyone,

So I'm going into my final year of secondary schooling before university, and living in Australia, our school year starts in January/February, however our school is a bit different and they start the next academic year at the end of November, therefore I've already had a taste of year 12. It's intense. Obviously it should be more laidback for me because I only have 4 subjects as opposed to 6 however all 4 subjects count towards my final entry score so I have to work even harder to make sure I've tried my best and get the result that is worth my efforts.

I'm also a girl/woman? of many hobbies, many of which are included with my school, therefore in order to have a good balance between study and extra curricular stuff, I've realised that I must give up something, and I'm going to say goodbye to blogging. I have also deleted some previous posts because I'd like to keep things a little more private.

However, this blog will still be here and occasionally on big holidays (e.g. the current summer holidays), if I feel like it and I have spare time, I may post something that is product/favourites related (e.g. what's in my shower?, skin care routine, favourites etc) however I will no longer be making videos nor tutorials. Those just took too much time and when I was near finishing I had lost the excitement to keep doing it and many have then not been published. I just really want to mainly focus on music, because music is such a big hobby for me, being in not only many ensembles for violin and singing at school, but also writing my own music that also is a sort of therapy for me, so that's going to become my focus hobby.

But I've been really getting into polyvore lately, and also with the new app, it's must easier for me to make sets, so those will be linked to this blog too!

This is not an end to my love of makeup though, I just want to clarify it. When I have some time, I will still be reading blogs, watching YouTube videos and of course, playing with makeup. Especially throughout this year, I've definitely built up a bunch of makeup that I really like and want to stick with. So, hopefully sometime in the near future, I will get to share with you my holy grail/all time favourite products (yet!) because they're the products I have stuck with, are tried and true and things I've really loved.

I'm really going to miss this community and the fun I've had, but it's not goodbye forever, the friends I've made will still remain my friends, I just won't be regularly blogging anymore.

Also, if you want me to check out your blog or whatever, just comment on this or any of my older posts and I sure will!

I think that's it from me for now. Thank-you for everything.

And to end on a lighter note, I'm going on a holiday to Malaysia and Hong Kong super soon, which I'm psyched about, so if I feel like it, I might post a haul, but no guarantees.

Anyway, so long!

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