Friday, March 25, 2011

Some little useful things

Little Useful Things

The Travalo

These are pretty cool, they're good for making perfume portable for nasty situations in the bathroom, or travelling. They come in a variety of colours and if you check their website here, you can find out where you can purchase these online or instore.

I bought mine at Perfume Connection for approximately $25, but I realised that instead of buying the Travalo, you could also just purchase an atomizer from anywhere. If you look, you might be able to find one close. I've heard they have them at The Body Shop for more than half the price of the Travalo and I've sure you can use any small spray container or something.

Travalo Demonstation
To put perfume in the Travalo, you need to remove the spray top off your perfume, here I am using Body Shop's Dreams Unlimited, and then push the bottom of the Travalo onto the skinny tube on the perfume bottle and continue to pump. It's actually not as easy as it sounds, and takes a bit of effort, depending on how tough the tube is on each perfume bottle.

If you were using a usual atomizer, you could probably just spray the perfume into the bottle.

Go Design Travel Bottles
These are Go Design Travel Bottles that are 100mL. 100mL is the regulation quantity for the cabins in aeroplanes, but I think the size is good for travelling in general, if you're not travelling for too long.

It was not expensive at all, approximately $10 I think, and it comes with 2 bottles with a twist cap and 2 bottles with the lift cap. It also comes with a spray nozzle that you can use to replace the usual lid as prefered and a waterproof storage bag. These are good for storing liquids, foams, gels and your basic stuff that leaks.
Hollywood products (Lint Removing Sheets, Stain Remover, Fashion Tape)
I've discovered that the Hollywood products are especially handy for tricky situations and always complete the job. My favourite is the Stain Remover which works like a charm. It works for coffee, juice, fruit, tea, chocolate, ink, wine and most stains except for grease and blood. All you need to do is push the marker onto the stain so that the white tip pushes in which dispenses the liquid. And smudge it in and the stain magically disappears. Don't know how it does it, but I love it.

I also have Lint Removing Sheets which can spot remove dust, dandruff, fluff and animal hair off clothes. I don't use this that much because I don't have animal hair on my clothes often, and I have dandruff but it is controlled. And the last product in the Hollywood line which I have is the Fashion Tape, which is good for little fashion emergencies such as hiding bras, fixing hems, hiding cleavage and etc.

Hollywood also sells other products which can be useful, including silicon coverups for bras, deodorant removing sponge, bra converting clips, yummy mints, invisible bra straps and more. For full product lists, trust me, they're legendary, you can visit the website here.

Left to Right: Sephora mirror, wood stick, Lucas' Papaw Ointment, Nivea Milk & Honey Lip Balm, Colgate Wisps

Now you don't have to have this specific mirror, because honestly, there's nothing fancy about it other than that I like the slick packaging, but what I'm trying to say is that it can come very useful to have a mirror handy. You may not just use it for makeup, other people might need it and you know, if you ever get stranded, you can use it to help make a fire.

Next is this wood stick that I have no idea what is called, but I call it a cuticle push-erer, it has a sharp point on one side and a more curved point on the other, and what I use it for is to push my cuticles back, but it is also handy for when your eyeshadow creases, and you want to just get that little bit out but don't want to ruin the whole look, well this little pointy thing can quickly be rid of that flaw. It also words to get rid of a brush bristle stuck on your eye, if your eye brushes often shed. Sorry, but I don't know where you can buy them, I just found it in my Mum's old makeup bag.

Lucas' Papaw Ointment is the bomb! Now this is an Australian product though and is quite popular here, they stock them at local supermarkets and chemists, but I'm not sure if you can get them in America. They are made from only fermented papaw and comes in 3 different quantities, this tube and 2 different tubs. Many girls like to use them as a lip balm, but boys can use this too! I don't actually use them for lip balm, personally it feels peculiar, but you can use them on insect bites (I always get eaten alive by mosquitos), wounds, burns and etc.

Okay, you don't have to have this specific lip balm, although I love it and it smells great, but just any lip balm should work at keeping your lips moisturised. At one time a couple years ago, my lips were extremely chapped, so I had to use a really intense lip balm, and now whenever my lips just aren't moisturised or are a little chapped, I must use lip balm. Personally, it has always been one of my essentials and I carry it with me the most, more often than my phone and iPod sometimes. Actually, I don't really need to always have my phone, funny thing for a girl to say.

Last ingenius things are Colgate wisps. Now, I don't exactly use them everyday, but they can come in handy at times. Also, I recommend you NOT replace your usual teeth brushing with these wisps, remember these are used for on the go. Some people may use them at school, for example before school photos, because it does look funny when people brush their teeth in the bathroom. But I like to use them on aeroplanes or after long flights. Often if I check in my bags, I don't take my toothbrush with me, and also, for some reason for me brushing my teeth on the plane takes a while, rinsing my mouth and etc. So wisps work great! You could also use them at airports after a flight or something because it still looks funny when people brush their teeth in the bathrooms. These one's are in peppermint.

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