Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Review: Nars Sheer Glow Foundation

Finally, I am doing the review of Nars Sheer Glow Foundation, my shade is in Punjab. I'm sorry this took me forever but I finally realised that it didn't need to be a perfect review. The foundation that I am displaying has the pump which I separately bought but I will talk about that later. In Australia, this retails for $68 from Mecca Cosmetica, I know it is very steep but it's much better since the price drop of Nars stuff at Mecca, it use to be around I think $108! 

Also, first I just want to give a buying tip just in case you didn't know this already, because when I first started out, I stupidly didn't think about this because I was too embarrassed, but don't buy something purely based on a review or what a blogger/beauty guru thinks, even if the product is raved, if it is possible, try it out at the counter and use your own judgement. But of course, reviews can be a good guideline to help you find a product you might like. 

First of all I love the packaging (except for the opening). I love how sleek the glass bottle is and how minimalist it is with just the essential information on it, no added marketing or whatever, it makes it seem really fuss free and easy to use. You are only getting 30mL which doesn't seem like that much but you don't need too much product to get decent coverage. It's also good how it claims to last for 24 months, for example with me, I don't use higher coverage foundations all the time, usually for nicer occasions or if I'm feeling it haha.

First of all, I don't find the foundation to be that sheer. I understand how it can feel sheer for those people who usually wear really full coverage foundations but I personally like to use extremely lightweight foundations, and to me this doesn't feel that sheer, although I do find it feels lighter than other even medium coverage foundations and I like that about this. The foundation gives a medium to full coverage.

It doesn't glow too crazy but gives a more nice natural, borderline dewy look but I didn't notice it being too dewy. If you're worried about this making your skin look oily if you have oily skin, don't! I found that this worked very well with the oilier parts of my face but the problem is that it highlighted the drier parts of my face, so I wouldn't recommend it for people with really dry skin, but make sure you try it yourself at the counter first. I've also read in other reviews with people who have dry skin that it didn't seem to suit their skin so well, therefore, despite the name, I feel that this actually works better on people who have oily skin.

This foundation has no SPF which is a downside if you wear it in the day time a lot but I don't mind wearing a sunscreen underneath or using a powder that has SPF in it, no SPF also makes it good for photography and you don't get that white cast.

I find that this foundation wears quite well, and with a primer it lasted all night at my formal. Although without a primer, I find this wears very well as well!

A downside of this is the lid packaging, I hate foundations that you have to pour out from a glass bottle, I find it very temperamental and frustrating because you can never get the perfect amount and it makes me so nervous when I'm pouring it out. This may also be because of my lack of experience with these types of foundations as this was the first foundation I've ever used that I had to pour out of a glass bottle, I've always used pump or squeeze tube foundations. The pouring out also made the opening really dirty which annoyed me, so I decided to buy the separate pump.

The separate pump retails at $10 at Mecca Cosmetica and I personally find it worth it! The pump lid has a turn lock system so there's no unnecessary accidental pumping. It also makes the foundation smaller and now it fits upright in my little drawer!

Below is the screw top lid that comes with the foundation:

I've noticed that some people have different types of lids, such as the big black lid can be taken off without opening the bottle and there's a separate smaller lid but mine is just all one whole lid. I find the lid to be quite chunky and an unnecessary use of space, that's another reason why I wanted to switch to the pump.

The consistency is of a liquid but it isn't runny. Just the same consistency as most liquid foundations.

This colour does match me pretty well but I feel that it's on the warm side. It still looks totally find on my skin and matches at glance, but I'm really pedantic about this stuff, and it is on the warm side. But it's not too big of a deal.

I find that this foundation generally applies well with any tools, from sponge to brushes to fingers, but my favourite methods are with the Sigma Sigmax brushes, specifically the F80 Flat Top Kabuki, for a fuller coverage but also flawless finish and with the Beauty Blender for a more natural, sheerer finish.

If you want to see the foundation in action, watch my Semi-Formal Natural Smokes Makeup Tutorial or this FOTD post.

Overall I do like this foundation very much, although I'm not sure whether it's necessary for me to repurchase, it's kind of battling it out with my Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation for the 'repurchase' foundation spot. If there are any other questions about the foundation, leave them below and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Have any of you tried this foundation? What are your thoughts?

I was not sponsored for this review in any way, I bought this foundation myself. 


  1. i have heard soo many people talking about this foundation but the price kind of put me off it. do you have bourjois in austrailia, if you do then their foundations are really cheap and good :) x

  2. I've heard really good things about this! :3 Looks very nice. What's the beauty blender like?