Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Spring Fashion: 1 top, 7 bottoms

For me and tons of other people in the world, spring is here! To celebrate this awesome warm weather, I'm going to do a Spring Fashion post and I have some more coming. Basically, the Spring Fashion themed posts will feature some of my favourite spring fashion outfits or pieces or ways to incorporate colour or flowers or any spring themed trend into your wardrobe, even if you're venturing out into colours for the first time or always wear floral pieces, I will try my best to show you how I would like to style the items.

This post is going to show you how to style a fun crop top to be worn with 7 different type of bottoms. This post incorporates more basic outfits for the beginners as well as fun colour on colour combos and also variations in shorts and pants for different weather conditions. 

I'm going to show you how a top can be worn with matching colours/patterns for a cute ensemble but at the same time with pieces that work in harmony to create a balanced outfit. 

The top that I am featuring is from Workshop in Top Shop and I bought it in Singapore. I love these kind of crop tops (but not too short, I don't want to bare all haha) because they're loose and comfortable, good for hot weather but they also cover your shoulders so they give more sun protection than tank tops. 

But it is not easy to find a patterned/coloured top that matches with many different bottoms other than your basic blue denim jeans, my tips would be to find a top that has colours that match your patterned or coloured bottoms. For example this top has pink, purple and floral on it therefore it can match with green, purple, floral and your basic blue, and those are the coloured bottoms that I own. I also have black jeans but I feel that they're a bit too dark for spring and I personally don't really wear them anyway. 

With Pastel Green Scallop Cut Shorts
This outfit is the top with pastel green scallop cut shorts. Apparently the scallop trend is in which I did not know about when I bought these shorts last year. The casual top balances the more dressy shorts from Ladakah

With White Micro-Floral Shorts
This outfit pairs the top with a pair of white shorts with blue micro flowers on them from Dotti. The reason these two patterns can be paired, despite being both flowers and can be dangerously too matching, is because the size of the flowers is balanced. The top features big flowers where as the shorts feature small micro flowers, in turn making the flowers not look over the top. 

With Basic Blue Denim Shorts
And this is in my opinion the least ambitious pair of shorts to pair the top with. I feel that basic blue shorts are an outfit's best friend the same way jeans work, shorts are just better in the summer and an easy way to create a casual and comfortable look. The dark colour of the jeans also balances out the light pink but pairs nicely with the darker colours on the top. These denim shorts are from Witchery.

 With Basic Light Blue Denim Shorts
This is the funner, lighter, I would say younger alternative to the basic denim shorts. They are more matching with the top yet the dark purple of the top contrasts nicely. I feel that the lighter coloured shorts are always more appropriate for those fun days at the beach. These shorts are from Rusty

With Lavender Jeans
Now moving into the jeans, this outfit shoes how the top can be paired with coloured jeans. These purple jeans are from Gap and it matches with the dark purple as well as the pastel pink in the top. The girly purple matches well with the girly colours in the top making this a pretty pastel coloured ensemble.

With Green Jeans
Another outfit with coloured jeans. The green colour is more contrasting to the colours in the top but it still goes well with the pink. I think the grey undertones of the jeans also balance out the girly colours in the top, making the look a tinsy bit more edgy and street as opposed to all girly. These green jeans are from Uniqlo.

With Basic Jeans
The last outfit is with the basic jeans. I'm actually wearing Jean Leggings from Gap in this outfit because I find them more comfortable but normal jeans work fine. This pretty much gives the same effect as the basic denim shorts outfit except it is more suitable for cooler weather. Again, the dark colours balance out the light pink as well as matching with the darker purple in the top and makes the outfit look casual and comfortable, nothing too out there. 

I hope you found this somewhat helpful and/or interesting and tell me what you think of these Spring Fashion themed posts.

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  1. your so lucky having spring, im in autumn now. barely had a summer in england aha. and i love the top in this post, its sooooo pretty! xx