Sunday, April 7, 2013

Day 10 — Current fashion/style you like

My style is a funny mixture of many different things. I'd say in a nutshell it is a sort of classic style with girly, preppy, quirky, casual and edgy elements. I'm not specifically on trend but it can be a bit trendy at times simply by coincidence. 

It's actually quite funny because every time I go overseas I get into a different fashion item and then coincidentally once I get back home that fashion piece happens to be trending everywhere. It's quite funny and annoying to be honest haha. That happened with floral prints, varsity jackets and cowboy boots. 

But I like to mix various styles in an outfit with different pieces. For example, I love my classic skinny jeans and a white t-shirt that often I pair with a khaki statement jacket that has a tasteful amount of gold studded detailing and then a pair of brown cowboy boots. Or sometimes a floral singlet with my signature navy blazer. It's all very mix and match. I don't really shop for a generic thing, when I see something I like, I can feel it, it's a very instinctual experience for me. That's why I have a lot of scattered styles, I just see something and I know it'll work for me. 

But some of my fashion inspirations are definitely Emmy Rossum, Rachel Bilson, Lauren Conrad and Alexa Chung. I love Whitney Port's style but I've always found it a bit too out there for me. 

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