Saturday, April 6, 2013

Fashion Wants: Keds

I've been really eyeing Keds lately and have been in slight despair that they're rare to find in Australian stores.
I've always loved the Authentic Vans and have usually worn them with more casual/sporty outfits and they are super comfy! However, the thicker heel of Authentic Vans has made them difficult to wear with dressier/more girly outfits. I want a pair of cute 'tennis shoes' that you can wear them with both jeans and dresses/skirts and that has a larger shoe selection than Vans Lo Pros.
Ergo, I have turned to Keds, and these are the six that I particularly fancy.

Fashion Wants: Keds

Keds shoes / Keds floral shoes / Keds shoes / Keds shoes / Keds colorful shoes / Keds shoes

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