Wednesday, April 10, 2013

March Randomo Favourites

Hey y'all! So this does not guarantee that I'm coming back because I have a busy term ahead of me, but I thought I might post something for you guys. I kind of wanted to film this as a video because I think it would be more fun however, I'm trying to lay low for a bit, and this is easier haha.

Also I feel that it has not become customary with beauty gurus at the start of every favourites video to say the speed that they feel the month went by. Now I know this isn't a beauty/fashion favourites video but I might as well say my perception of the month speed. March went by pretty slowly for me because I had a lot of SACs (School Assessed Coursework) so I was quite busy and there was a bunch of intense studying sessions, however the Boys' Formal at the end of the month was actually a nice end to the month.

So March has been a super shuffle month for me! Now super shuffle is a term I use when there isn't a specific playlist or album I've been listening to so I just end up shuffling all the music on my iPhone and it makes me feel very nostalgic and listen to a bunch of songs I've loved over the time. Of course I'll skip songs that I don't feel like listening but it's really nice to listen to a bunch of varied songs I know I've always loved but may have slightly neglected.

I also loved Macy Maloy (even though I always love her music) because she pre-released acoustic versions on her Youtube channel of some new songs on her EP 'Heartback' that came out a day ago, but I spent March learning the new songs and playing them over and over and I did covers of the new songs on my soundcloud in celebration of her EP release. Now I know I already have her EP however if I do April Randomo Favourites, it will definitely be mentioned (along with Max Schneider and his awesome band, little cheeky sneak peak guys!).

TV Shows
SUITS SUITS EVERYWHERE! It has been a Suits crazy month for me and I watched through both seasons already. I love quite a bunch of USA Network shows and this month I found out two mates of mine love Suits and since I love White Collar we decided to 'swap shows', so I agreed to watch Suits and they agreed to watch White Collar. And now the three of us are always discussing who's classier, Neal Caffrey or Harvey Specter? I think in the end for me it's Harvey Specter, however, whenever Neal is on screen, he is still nonetheless an explosion of class, whether he's in a suit, his pjs or a black turtleneck sweater when he's about to rob a museum. On the other hand, I think I still slightly prefer White Collar over Suits though because White Collar is more of a show about arts and history and 'international intrigue' where as Suits is more hard and fast corporate law.

I've also been re-watching Full House seasons 2 & 3 because I felt like watching some of the earlier seasons. My top two favourite shows are Friends and Full House and I'm always re-watching one or the other on the side, so I guess I might mention to you guys each month which one I watched that month and which season(s), if you guys are curious.

A movie that really 'moved' me this month was The Help. I can't believe I didn't watch this movie earlier. So I watched it because it was an extension movie viewing for English and I thought 'Emma Stone, always wanted to watch it so why not?'. Oh wow boy was that an incredible movie. As someone who grew up in Australia, I was not quite informed about American history and it actually really shocked me how the minorities were treated, it just made me speechless. Now I know Australia does have history with a similar but smaller scale problem which is also shameful. The issue is quite personal for me, not because I'm African-American but because I am of a non-white race and racism is more of a personal issue, now I'm not saying we should have a pity party for me because there is no way what I've experienced is a fraction as severe as historical occurrences but it's still something that I'm strongly against and I really recommend this movie to at least give you some perspective. Knowledge is power people.

Now I don't have a wider reading book to tell you guys about because I didn't do much wider reading in March however, I was very 'moved' (again) by the play I'm currently studying in school called Twelve Angry Men by Reginald Rose. It is an absolutely amazing play and probably one of my favourites, it just has many resonating and striking messages to the audience that are all very important to society. It touches so well on a multitude of complicated issues and is thematically and theatrically very dense and impressive. I really recommend this play again for some perspective at least, it isn't a long play, it's less than 100 pages, or you could even watch the 60s play that's on YouTube or download the audiobook on that actually has Jeffrey Donovan (Michael Westen from Burn Notice) who reads for Juror 8, but nonetheless, experience the play because it is brilliant!

For food shtuff, I've been really liking the Macro Original Potato Chips that are organic and gluten free so that's always nice, but I just think they taste very good, they're super crispy and some of the chips are actually HUUUUGGEE! And I just think they're super yum!

Also, with the weather slightly getting cooler, I pulled out my French Earl Grey Tea from T2. This is one of my favourite teas and I just started drinking it more, yeah that's about it haha.

So this month I've been watching a lot more beauty videos and starting to catch up on old videos that I've added to my 'watch later' playlist so there hasn't really been one specific YouTuber that I've been singularly obsessed with however, I've been watching a lot more essiebutton. I've always loved her blog and videos and I love her personality, sometimes I feel that if I knew her in real life, we would be best friends. She's just the best.

And then in real life, shout out to my two mates Calvin and James who are guys who love Suits as mentioned before in the TV Show category.

My favourite app of the month was Dropbox. Now I've had Dropbox for a while so it's nothing really new for me however, in March I just seemed to embrace it a lot more and use it for transferring files/work from my iPad to my Mac and vice versa so that was quite a handy techy thang.

My event favourite for this month was definitely the Year 12 Boys' Formal and I'm thankful that I was invited to go. It was a lot of fun and a great way to end the 1st term.

I've also been really loving rehearsals for the School Musical. I was lucky enough to get a role as one of the three backing singers for the main character's songs as well as getting a couple small solos of my own on one of the songs. This is really exciting for me because I've never actually sang solo before, or even been on an individual microphone before so I'm really thankful that the casting teachers actually thought I was good enough. The rehearsals have been really fun and exciting for me because I'm still an ensemble/chorus member so I get to sing and dance in the big group numbers. Musicals are actually a love of mine and I use to want to be on Broadway because I just find performing so much fun!

Well yeah, those were my March Randomo Favourites, I hope you guys liked it despite it being quite word heavy and rambly, not uncommon with me haha. I can't guarantee any more posts soon however, I did miss blogging while I was on hiatus so this has been nice. Love you guys and I will hopefully talk to you guys later!

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