Sunday, January 16, 2011

Birthday Dinner OOTN Inspired by Emmy Rossum

Okay first off, if you don't know what OOTN means, it is Outfit Of The Night and obviously for future reference, OOTD is Outfit Of The Day. Just saying. Let's get straight into it.

Emmy Rossum is an actress and she played the main teenage girl in The Day After Tomorrow alongside Jake Gyllenhaal and will be starring in an upcoming TV show called Shameless. I found this outfit in the latest Girlfriend magazing and although the trend is micro florals, I wanted to add my own twist to the outfit. Since some of you know that I wear floral clothes quite a lot, I wanted to change the dress to a kind of nebulla/solar system patterned dress.

The look:

That's Emmy Rossum there, the one in the middle smiling.

Closeup of jewellery:

Dress - Volcom @ Planet Surf
Vest - Valleygirl
Pearl Pendant - Friendship store @ Shangai
Bow & etc necklace - Equip
Ring - Equip
Green & Gold bracelets on higher arm - Dotti
Red & Gold bracelets - H&M @ Hong Kong

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