Saturday, January 22, 2011

City haul yesterday & today

First of all, some of you may not know what a haul is, and honestly when I first started watching YouTube gurus, I had to urban dictionary it too. So it's basically about stuff that person has bought.

So today a couple of my friend's and I went to the city to see Kimmi & Dave Days from YouTube, they're pretty cool. More info on my other blog here. And I just grabbed a couple stuff that I had thought of guessing, and now I shall type to you about that. Haha, look, see what I did ;) Okay, no. Anyway, let's just get into it.

Mecca Maxima Bag
Now I didn't actually buy this bag, but I purchased something from Mecca Maxima and I wanted to show you guys the bag, because I really liked it and it shall be going in my permanent bag collection. (If you would like a look at my permanent bag collection, just request in the comments.)

Too Faced Natural Eye Palette
From Mecca Maxima

It comes with 9 natural eyeshadows, 3 'how to' cards that have lessons on 3 different looks and a double sided sponge and liner brush.

The colours are really pigmented, and it has excellent neutral colours that are all versatile and create different looks. So far my favourite colours are silk teddy, push up and heaven. A tutorial for those three shadows will be up super soon! I might create other tutorials for this palette when I come up with them. I'm also creating looks that aren't in the cards.

Camomile Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover from Body Shop
I actually use this for all over face makeup as well, it does a very good job at removing makeup, even waterproof mascara. The Body Shop also has a Camomile Waterproof makeup remover, but this definitely does the job.

Journey to the Centre of the Earth by Jules Verne
The Adventured of Sherlock Holmes and the Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle
Books from Borders
I have never seen the movie for Journey to the Centre of the Earth, but I wanted to, and then looking in Borders I found that it was originally a book, so I wanted to read it first. I think now, it is often forgotten that movies were first books and it seems that the movie is the 'easy way out' of reading the books. I believe in my morals very strongly, and so I either read a book before the movie, or I just don't read the book at all. Except there are extremely rare occurances.
I recently read Young Sherlock Holmes by Andrew Lane and I did a review on it for school (that I also put on my other blog here) And so I'm quite eager to read the book.

Disclaimer: The haul is not for bragging, it is to show you what I have bought and the stuff I like, to give you guys some insight into me and maybe you might like something and want to buy it too. :)

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