Thursday, January 20, 2011


On the agenda today is Flourish Bath & Body which is a handmade bath & body online store on etsy. I first found out about this through an awesome Australian YouTube makeup guru called amysass7, she is one of my favourite gurus. Flourish makes amazing products! All the feedback has been positive. The online store is here. The store is in America, so if you are purchasing from Australia, then there is a wait, but it is SOOOOOO worth it!

Some of the products that I have purchased are no longer on there but if you email Brooke (the owner) she should be able to make more, because when I purchased my stuff, there were only 1 of each product.

All the stuff I had purchased:

Glossy Lip Tint in Azalea.
This product is just amazing, it's borderline between lipstick and lipgloss, so it's not that glossy but has a tint of shine and colour. Azalea is only a little bit more red than my usual lip colour and I just love this so much! If you're every unsure about what to do about your lips, then just grab this! (:

Perfume oils in Pineapple lemongrass and cedar & mint.
I love these perfume oils because they aren't as strong as perfumes, so that there is a subtle scent. Just roll the oil on your pressure points (wrist, back of the neck, back of knees and etc) (if you are unsure just google 'pressure points' ;D)
Pineapple lemongrass is an extremely tropical smell. It has a pineapple, citrus-y smell with some coconut as well. I like it as a really laid-back smell for those lazy or relaxing days.
Cedar & mint is a really woodsy smell. It's smells like some of those really nice Asian herbal medicines. It smells very soothing but revitalising, and helps me concentrate.

Lip Balms in Chocolate mint and Passionfruit rose.
These lip balms are fantastic, they smell great and don't involve any of those weird ingredients that no one can pronounce or understand. You are putting all real ingredients on your lips, not some big branded gunk. The lip balms also look coloured, but apply as a sheen colour and subtle shine.
Chocolate mint is very sweet and just chocolate mint.
Passionfruit rose is terrific! I love the smell SOOOOO much. It has a very faint floral smell with a little bit of sweetness, just perfection.

I definitely recommend you at least check out this store and maybe consider buying some products. Just love it!

Disclaimer: In no way is this company paying me to talk about this, and I am 99.99% sure that Brooke, the manager, has no idea I'm even doing this. (:

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  1. thats a cool store. :) haha that has given me an idea for something to do these next few days: make lipbalm! :D