Monday, January 31, 2011

January faves & most used: FACE

So I'm making my January favourites also most used because I don't have a HUGE amount of makeup, so some of the stuff I just use because I don't have any others or I am awaiting them in the mail. (:
Also I will be separating posts into different parts, and the first part is face. Next will be eyes, lips & brushes and tools. I won't do perfumes, nail polishes and skin products because I'm going to do a top 5 nail polishes, perfumes and skin regime.
All the pictures are my own except for the first one because I didn't have time to take a picture and then put it on my computer, yeah. Because I actually wanted to put the first part up before the end of January. And let's just get into the gist:

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in Medium Dark
This is the picture that isn't mine.
I love this SOOOOOO much! I use it as a setting powder over my liquid foundation, and I just love it.
Funny story, before I went to MAC, I decided to do some makeup research and try and find the shade closest to mine, so I was on the website and I thought I had found the right shade. But when I got in the store, it was dark enough to be a bronzer. Hahaha, how stupid of

me. So the legendary makeup artist helped me get the right shade. Thankyou MAC makup artists.

Guerlain issima foundation in Beige Naturel
This is an awesome foundation, excellent coverage, stays on for pretty long, and isn't cakey. Maybe that's because I don't use too much foundation though, not sure.
This is actually a pretty pricey foundation, but my Mum buys it every year and she's been buying it before I started with makeup, although she barely uses it. So it's good that now I use makeup so I don't have to buy some other foundation.
Thankyou Mum. (:

Sephora Face Concealing Blemish Pen
I don't have super bad under eye circles, just a bit of discolouration in the corners. Although I get some breakouts, I'm not going to say I get TONS and then people who get tons will be like, psh, but I just get some with redness, so this concealer is good for me. (:

NARS Blush in Orgasm
I know tons of people use to use it, but it's winter in America, so they're not using it now. Although it's Summer here, and I'm fine with using this shade all through the year too, because my skin doesn't get too fair in the winter. Yeah, my skin is originally pretty tanned with yellow undertones.
I love this shade, it is a kind of light coral with gold undertones.

Girlfriend Bronzer
Yeah I got this in a magazine YONKS ago. It's expired now. I threw it away a couple days ago. I'm actually waiting on a bronzer I got from winning a competition with this awesome Youtuber, makeoverandout.

That's it for the face part, look out for the next part, eyes. But don't be on your toes, because I can't promise it's going to come super super soon, because I just started school and I'm super duper busy. But anyway, see ya later (:

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