Friday, December 9, 2011

First Impressions: Glossy Box - November

So I subscribed to Glossy Box for the first time in November because I was so excited for Australia to release an idea similar to America's Birch Box. 

Just in case you aren't familiar with the idea, Glossy Box is a monthly subscription, that automatically renews itself each month, so if you want to stop, you must cancel your subscription. 

Anyway, every month you receive a box filled with five surprise luxury samples to try in the comfort of your home without the pressure of sales consultants. Glossy Box was originally started in the UK and Glossy Box Australia is its affiliate. America also has Birch Box and Eco Emi which both have already become really big companies. Australia now has a bunch of these beauty subscription companies but I liked Glossy Box the best because the brands were ones that I really liked. 

So this is the box that actually got sent to me, which I think is seriously the cutest!

And inside there was this cute box that is actually really good quality. 

And then when you take the lid off, there's some tissue paper, and a card that gives info about each of the products and the full size prices.

And then unwrapping the tissue paper, are the amazing products! There's also some 'noodle' paper stuffing. And it also came with some jelly beans to munch on. 


#1: Jurlique Purely Age-Defying Ultra Firm and Lift Cream
I was very pleased to have Jurlique in the box as it is a high quality and well known Australian skin care brand, and their Rose hand cream is to die for! But I ended up letting my Mum test this out as ageing isn't yet a problem for me and it would be more effective to have her test it. 

#2: Bio Oil
This is a full size sample which is awesome! I've never used this before but I've heard great things about it, but I am yet to test it out. 

#3: Essie Smooth Sailing
I was ecstatic when I saw this in the box, I was most excited about this! It's a sample size but honestly, I wish all my nail polishes were this size because I can never finish my nail polishes and I don't use them that much because of school. This colour is so gorgeous and it's nothing like anything I own. It's a deep periwinkle blue with tons of shimmer in it that is borderline between glitter and shimmer but doesn't look over the top on the nails. 

#4: Mirenesse 3D Forever Gloss in LA Nude
I was a little skeptical about this product at first, as I have tried a Mirenesse eyeliner before and it wasn't that great, but this lip gloss is actually pretty great. It's a nude lip gloss, which I actually lack in my collection, it has a bit of shimmer, and smells like lemons. It isn't sticky but it does get a bit beady near the end, but I honestly have not found a lipgloss that doesn't do that except for the the NARS one. 
It also came with a free mineral gel voucher. 

#5 Lily Loves Pearl [Polish Me] Gentle Face Exfoliant
I have never heard of this brand before but I was actually really excited to try this. It is a full size sample and I've also been need of a scrub that is gentle and won't burst my pimples. It does have exfoliating beads but they aren't as harsh as the Burt's Bees or Neutrogena scrubs. Also is smells very nice and is all natural. So far I am quite impressed with this product.

Bonus: Mirenesse Super Long Wear Gel Mineral Face Colour in Pink Halo
This is what the voucher was for with the lip gloss, this did not come in the Glossy Box and I had to submit my information with my Glossy Box order number to have it sent to me. I personally haven't actually used it yet but it seems like the basic multi purpose cream product. It says you can use it on the eyes, as a blush or highlighter and I think a lip colour too. All of them come with eyeliner brushes inside the cap, but I don't think it would be suitable to use this colour as a highlighter. From first glance I thought it would be a grey toned purple but unfortunately it is more of a very sheer pink colour. 

All in all, I'm very impressed with my first Glossy Box. I don't think I will go so much as to purchase a yearly subscription but occasionally, if I feel like it, I might order it for that month again.

BUT, I must warn you again that the subscription AUTOMATICALLY renews itself, and unless it is cancelled, it will automatically remove the money from your credit card every month, even if you purchased the monthly subscription. The difference between the monthly subscription and the yearly one is that you cannot cancel the yearly one. 

I made this mistake and I wish I read the fine print, because this month I got an email with the tax invoice for the December box which I did not intend to order. After that incident, my Mum and I made sure we cancelled our subscription for future boxes and printed the confirmation email, just in case this incident would repeat next month, we would have proof of cancellation. 

Have you subscribed to Glossy Box or any other beauty subscription services? If so, which one(s)? If not, what is your favourite product from this box that I received?

Hope you guys liked this and somehow found it informative, thanks for reading. 
Bye for now,

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