Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My first award!

I got my first award! This is so exciting! I was actually awarded this back in early November, but I had just started the next academic year early because that's what our school does, it's kind of weird, but anyway, I started year 11, and it has been quite overwhelming, therefore why I haven't blogged for ages, but yeah, I usually try to put up at least one post every week, but I finished today, so I will try to do two posts per week on the holidays, except when I go travelling.

Okay, now that I've finished that brief ramble about my boring life, so back to this. 

Thank-you a million times to who awarded this to me, I really appreciate it! Molly is awesome and she's my blogging best friend from the UK, and we're directioners :D

Rules: Thank and link back the person who very kindly gave you the award. 
Write seven rather random facts about yourself that people may not necessarily know. 
Link and award 15 more bloggers, so that you can spread the blogging love!

I'm 80% sure I was awarded an award similar to this before, so this is probably not my first award lol, but I forgot to do it because I was so lazy to award 15 more bloggers, but I realised it doesn't matter whether they see it or not, because it's about acknowledging amazing bloggers, gosh I'm so stubborn haha.

Random facts:
1. Music means so much to me. People might know that I love music in general, and I know tons of people do, but when I'm playing the violin or guitar, I rarely think about anything else, and my violin and guitar are my babies. It actually pains me to think that they will be damaged or 'hurt' lol. And music has always been here for me. 

2. I usually am not too interested in horoscopes because it's pretty inaccurate, but I've been reading ZodiacFacts on Twitter, and most of the Capricorn tweets are seriously spot on with my personality.

3. I'm usually quite shy and checked around strangers and acquaintances, but I am actually seriously LOUD and CRAZY! Which sometimes comes through in my videos, but I don't want to weird everyone out haha. I am actually only ever totally myself around my family and my best guy friend. 

4. Skiing is my all time favourite sport. I play tennis & hockey too but skiing means so much to me. When I'm skiing, I feel like I'm flying, I have no stress, no worries, and it is the most amazing feeling ever. I love the sound of skis on fresh powder, I love the smell, I love the wind, I love it all. I actually was going to do snow sports for my school next year but I changed back out because I couldn't give up hockey and I think if I started doing competitive skiing, it would ruin the sport for me. 

5. I have so many morals haha. Seriously planning on talking about them on my other blog. But I love philosophy and I have many of my own ideas.

6. I can't stand people who act fake. 

7. I have inherited soooo many characteristics from my father. First in my appearance. Then in my personality. I'm hard working, ambitious, outspoken, opinionated, harsh but kind & caring at heart, don't take BS, strong, lame humour, brilliant multi taskers, don't give up, independent, but we are also extremely impatient, hot tempered, not understanding, too outspoken and often a bit overwhelming. lol.

15 blogs:
1. LEXY! She's just so damn cute and funny and quirky and I love her so much! Her little anecdotes and musings are so much fun to read and her outfits are so unique and cute!

2. Elizabeth is gorgeous and her outfits are so put together! Her pictures are amazing and I just wanna use every single one for some tumblr post or something, I love em!

3. Donna has the most amazing outifts and she is just so beautiful! She is often featured on lookbook with many hypes and her blog is awesome too!

4. Another fashion blog, Chelsea is seriously the cutest! Her outfits are quite casual but they're also mega chic!

5. Of course I had to mention Amy, she has recently changed blogs, but I discovered her in the early stages of my blog. I love all her posts and her pictures always have the best lighting, I swear, I want lighting like hers. 

6. Allison is one of my favourite YouTube gurus but she is extremely active on her blog too which is awesome!

7. Another YouTuber who is extremely active on her blog. Her OOTD's are amazing and they're always so fun and glamourous! 

8. Another one of my favourite fashion bloggers, I always look forward to Zina's posts, they're always on trend but also unique in some way. 

9. ANOTHER YouTuber who also blogs alot, haha. Her blog posts are awesome, she has some really informative reviews too.

10. Isabela has a brilliant fashion & beauty blog! She does some awesome reviews but my favourites are definitely her wishlists. 

11. Leah has some awesome posts with tons and tons of beauty goss to be shared by everyone!

12. A fellow Aussie blogger, yay! She has brilliant makeup knowledge, awesome FOTDs and makeup posts!

13. I just discovered Caity when she followed me, and I love her blog! It's fun to read and it has a variety of posts about things that she hearts. (:

14. Amy's blog is just an eruption of beauty. It's so cute and chic and her outfit's are stunning. 

15. Josie blogs a lot about fashion and always has something new to show.

Woo, finally, 15 done. That actually took a lot more time than I expected. I hope you guys  check out these amazing blogs and share the love :D

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  1. yay, a new post from you! and also yay blogging buddies :) and go one direction.
    i think the person which awarded you this must have been a total babe? i wonder who it could have been? xxx