Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Top 11 of 2011 TAG

This tag was created by http://youtube.com/user/sweetbeautyx and it looked like a really interesting tag to do. I know I've done a couple of tags recently but they're are just so many awesome ones out right now!

So all you have to do is name products for the following categories:
2 face
2 eyes
2 lips
2 nails
2 hair
1 palette
= 11 FAVORITES OF 2011

2 Face
MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in Medium Dark
I actually got this product in January 2011 and it's the first MAC product I've ever bought. This is just such a fantastic setting powder that has a nice sheen to it, so it gives a bit of a glow but it's not too much. It's also really sheer so you don't need to change shades throughout the year if you get tanner or paler. It's just such an amazing product to set your foundation and/or concealer.
Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation in B40 Beige-Desert
You have probably heard me rave about this foundation soooooo much! It's just soooo amazing! It's feels incredibly light, but it has awesome coverage. It's also water based so you don't have to worry if you have oily skin. It is probably light to medium coverage but this is the perfect like-your-skin-but-better foundation. I've worn this foundation and my Mum didn't even notice I was wearing foundation, she just thought my skin was really good. This is just a bloody awesome everyday natural foundation.

2 Eyes
MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study
I have definitely showed this before and used it many times. I use this as a base for almost every single eye look and I love it! It's awesome to wear alone for some eye brightening for school or as a base to brighten any look. I just love it so much! 
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion
Being as this year I was first new to makeup, this product was a dream! I couldn't believe that makeup actually had a product that would work like this! This is the only primer I've tried that keeps my shadows staying strong and not creasing for up to 7 hours, and I even have oily eyelids. Wonder product!

2 Lip
NARS Lipgloss in Sweet Revenge
I got this also in January, so I've loved it for the entire year. Such a gorgeous natural lipgloss that is not sticky at all!
Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Petal
This is my all time favourite lipstick. It's my current my-lip-colour-but-better lipstick with a bit of a pearly finish. I love to wear both of these together and even though I've bought some pretty amazing tinted lip balms or lip butters or whatever this year, these two together have definitely been my most worn lip look.

2 Nails
Okay first, I know it says two, and there are three in the picture, but I HAD to include the last polish, I just could not leave it out, but I will talk about them in order of favourites.
OPI Mermaid's Tears from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection
This polish has become my new favourite nail polish, knocking out the 2nd polish I'm going to mention. It is just my favourite colour in general! I love minty greens but it also is a sea foam green. So beautiful and this is my go-to nail colour.
Revlon Tropicana
I've had this polish for a while and I've always loved this. Unlike the OPI polish though, this is my go-to polish for my fingernails AND toenails (usually I like to have certain colours on my toenails that are different to on my fingernails). Also, not only is it an orange, but in certain lighting it look red and even pink!
Bonus: Essie Buy Me A Cameo
Such a beautiful neutral colour. This is like the Naked Lunch of nail polishes. Often on the holidays, I feel like I should wear polish because I don't want them to go to waste, but sometimes I'm not in the mood for a bright green or orange, so I just wear this polish. It's such a beautiful neutral, I can't stop staring at how silky it looks!

2 Hair
Lush Seanik Shampoo Bar
This has seriously sparked my love for my hair this year. It has made my hair so soft and shiny that I ended up growing my hair out. It's now so long! It's down to my lower back now! This has just made my hair feel seriously great and I'm already using my second bar. 
VS Sassoon Wave Magic 
This curling iron is my favourite and the only heat tool I ever use on my hair. It has an oval barrel, unlike the usual circle, so it creates really nice and natural waves. I look the way it looks and adds a bit of natural volume. It doesn't look so done up like a usual curling iron, which I like. I've seriously been obsessed with using this and it heats up so fast, in approx 30 seconds even, and it takes me less that 10 minutes to do all my hair. Such a brilliant tool and I have seriously fallen in love with it. 

1 Palette
Okay, first let me say that I seriously was so close to saying the Urban Decay Naked palette, but honestly even though there are double the amount of shadows in that one, I actually used the below palette SOOO much more this year! But I still have to give a memorable mention to that palette because it's truly brilliam!
Personalised MAC Palette (Using Z Palette large in Leopard)
The shadows are from left to right: Brule (Satin), Naked Lunch (Frost), All That Glitters (Veluxe Pearl), Wedge (Matte), Satin Taupe (Frost), Swiss Chocolate (Matte)
With the exception of Swiss Chocolate (sorry mate!), I used all the shadows in here SOOOOOOO much! They are just create really natural but gorgeous looks, but often I paired these shadows with shadows from the UD Naked Palette. Anyway, I'm really excited to add more to my collection. 

I hope you enjoyed this tag, and I tag ALL of you! I always want to tag all of you, I don't really want to tag individual people because I personally feel that it will exclude anyone else who wants to do it. 
Anyway, stay happy everyone!

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  1. lovely tag, I also like the UD and the Nars lip gloss!